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Notes on Kinetic Sculpture

During the last few years, I have been searching for information on the origins of interactive/cybernetic/robotic/living sculpture. I've found a number of interesting sources published in the 1960s during an active period of kinetic and machine art, but after this short time, work in kinetic sculpture seems to virtually stop for about fifteen years. In the past decade, conceptual and technical innovations within the robotics and electronics community have opened up new possibilities for kinetic sculpture. A contemporary group of artists are creating work where the focus is not on the movement of the sculpture but on it's behavior -- how it reacts and actively responds to its dynamic environment.

These pages present raw notes from my exploration into this history. They are presented as is and may contain grammatical and spelling errors due to quick typing. Comments and questions are welcome and may be addressed to: reas at groupc dot net


Kinetic Sculptors

Naum Gabo b.1890
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy b.1895
Marcel Duchamp b.1887
Alexander Calder b.1898
Nicolas Schöffer b.1912
Pol Bury b.1922
Jean Tinguely b.1925
Yaacov Agam b.1928
Wen-Ying Tsai b.1928
James Seawright b.1922
Takis Vassilakis b.1925
Hans Haacke b.1936
Dennis Oppenheim b.1938
Charles Ray b.1953
Alan Rath b.1959
Rebecca Horn
Simon Penny
Ken Rinaldo
Tim Hawkinson


Rosalind Krauss
Jack Burnham
Force Fields


General notes
Jacques Vaucanson b.1709
Pierre Jacquet-Droz b.1721

Cybernetics & Robotics

Norbert Wiener
Ross W. Ashby
Valentino Braitenberg
John Haugeland
Ronald C. Arkin
Hans Moravec

The references presented below range from short articles to books representing years of research. Most references address the topic of kinetic sculpture, but there are a few references on automata, cybernetics, and robotics. I found the references with their numbers in italics to be the most useful.

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